SICK: New York Daily News Columnist Openly Celebrates Assassination of Russian Ambassador

What is wrong with people in our media? It’s like every liberal member of the press has lost their minds. A writer for the New York Daily News is even cheering the assassination of a Russian ambassador.

Mediaite reports:

The New York Daily News Is Apparently Pro-Terrorism, Pro-Assassination

The New York Daily News published an op-ed Tuesday that openly cheered the assassination of a foreign ambassador and steadfastly denied that it was terrorism.

“Justice has been served,” writes NYDN‘s Gersh Kuntzman on the murder of Russia ambassador Andrey Karlov by a Turkish policemen. Karlov, he explained, deserved to die because his job was to represent the foreign policy of Vladimir Putin abroad:

Karlov’s job in Turkey was to ease tensions over Russia’s atrocities in Syria and its incursions inside Turkey itself — meaning his job was to enable and normalize Vladimir Putin. Given that role, he wasn’t a diplomat, but a soldier, and his death is the same whether it came on a battlefield outside Aleppo or in an art gallery in Ankara. His killer was also a soldier — not a terrorist, mind you, but a soldier. Terrorists kill innocent people with trucks in Christmas markets or with planes in skyscrapers. Soldiers kill their fellow soldiers.

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That is just wrong.

Liberals in media seem determined to make people stop listening to them or reading their work.



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