Sidney Powell Reveals Explosive Details About Election During Interview With Howie Carr (VIDEO)

Sidney Powell was a call-in guest on the Howie Carr show on Friday. During the spot she revealed some amazing details about what her team has uncovered regarding the 2020 election.

She said that they estimate up to 7 million votes were taken away from President Trump. She also says that millions of dead people voted and that there is evidence of people being paid for votes.

There’s so much more.

Newsweek provides some details:

Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Says She Has ‘a Lot of Evidence’ of Voter Fraud and Witness Protection May Be Necessary

During an interview on The Howie Carr Show on Friday, Trump lawyer Sidney Powell said that she has “a lot of extremely solid evidence” to support claims of voter, and that it may require putting individuals into witness protection.

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“We’ve got a number of smoking guns and we may have to get witness protection for them,” Powell said. “We have a lot of extremely solid evidence. It’s beyond impressive, and absolutely terrifying.”

Powell told host Carr that she believes President-elect Joe Biden received as many as 10 million fraudulent votes, and that up to 7 million votes were switched from President Donald Trump to Biden via rigged election software. She also added that several million votes were cast by dead people.

“My peer estimate at this time is roughly 7 million [stolen votes] but it might be more, we’re also getting some data that reflects that millions – not just a few hundreds or a thousand – but some millions of dead people voted,” she told Carr.

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Watch the whole thing below:

Howie Carr is one of the few conservative voices in New England.

You can listen to his entire Friday show below, if you like:

The allegations Powell is making are explosive. It’s going to be fascinating to see what she produces over the next two weeks.


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