Singer Billy Joel Mentions The Clintons During Concert In New York – Gets Booed

The popularity of the Clintons has clearly decreased. Just a few years ago, they were considered royalty in the Democratic party.

Now the mere mention of their name can elicit boos.

Singer Billy Joel recently found that out.

Townhall reports:

ICYMI: At A Concert, Billy Joel Tried To Do Something Nice For The Clintons…And Got Booed For It

Well, while there some Democrats who still love her and probably want her to run again, it looks like more are looking desperately to move on from 2016. Hillary Clinton has the money to mount a third run. She has the name recognition, she has the pool of operatives to lay down the groundwork, and she could do well in this field, which while large, is profoundly average.

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The supposed titan of this horde, former Vice President Joe Biden, has yet to distinguish himself as a legitimate frontrunner, unapproachable, unbeatable, and dominant…

When Billy Joel dedicated a song to the Clinton at Madison Square Garden, she was roundly booed…

Here’s more from FOX News:

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Bill, Hillary Clinton booed at Billy Joel concert after singer dedicated song to them

Bill and Hillary Clinton got a taste of New York’s state of mind on Thursday night.

After singer Billy Joel dedicated a song to the former first couple and flashed them up on the screen at Madison Square Garden, initial cheers turned to boos from the audience.

The former first lady has been under scrutiny for years as she criticized President Trump and attempted to lay out the reasons she thought were behind her loss to him in the 2016 election. Former President Bill Clinton, on the other hand, faced fresh criticism surrounding his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, who on Monday was indicted on sex trafficking charges.

A Clinton spokesperson denied the former president had any knowledge of Epstein’s crimes, noting that he took “a total of four trips” with Epstein in 2002 and 2003.

At this point, it’s fair to wonder if Bill and Hillary will even be at the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

If they do go, will they give speeches?


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