SLEEPY JOE: Biden Appears To Be Asleep During Meeting With Israeli Prime Minister (VIDEO)

There is a lot of controversy about the video below.

If you watch it, it clearly looks like Biden is nodding off, but naturally some of his defenders are insisting that he is not actually asleep.

You can decide for yourself.

The Shore News Network reports:

Fact Check: Did Joe Biden Fall Asleep During Meeting With Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett?

Joe Biden has had a rough week that started with a botched military withdrawal from Afghanistan which led to a humanitarian crisis with imminent danger to American civilians and military personnel. On Thursday, that crisis turned into a disaster after thirteen U.S. service members were killed in a blast at the Kabul airport. Other American Marines, soldiers, and sailors were critically maimed and wounded in the blast.

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But, was President Joe Biden so exhausted that he fell asleep during his postponed meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett?

A narrative by many Republican-aligned blogs and media sources claim Biden dozed off as Prime Minister Bennett was thanking America for its support.

For approximately 60 seconds, Biden bowed his head down as Bennett continued speaking. With his hands folded and his fingers fiddling, it appears that Biden may have heard at least some of what Bennett spoke about because he snapped out of his posture when the Israeli leader finished speaking and attributed the success of the Israeli-American relationship on former U.S. President Barack Obama’s “Qualitative Military Edge” policy for Israel.

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Here’s the video. You decide:

Naturally, some parodies already exist:

This one is pretty funny.

Even if Biden isn’t really asleep here, he appears to be.

Isn’t that a problem in itself?


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