Slimy New York Times Story Suggests Herschel Walker Doesn’t Count As Part Of The Black Community

Herschel Walker must be doing really well, because the liberal media is incrasing their slimy attacks on him.

Rush Limbaugh used to say that the left will tell you who they fear.

Over at the New York Times, they have a new article out that questions Herschel Walker’s blackness and authenticity. Just sickening.

Townhall reports:

NYT Story: Herschel Walker Doesn’t Count As ‘Part of the Black Community’

In an lengthy New York Times story about Herschel Walker — the Republican nominee for Senate in Georgia and a football legend in the state — multiple black Democrats from Walker’s childhood community are quoted, effectively calling him a sellout. One particularly stinging quote comes from a man who declares that Walker, who is black, is nevertheless “not part of the black community.”

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There’s very little balance in the story, unsurprisingly. The election cycle is coming down to the wire, and the Georgia race may very well determine control of the United States Senate. Again. The Times is dutifully doing its part for its preferred party, dispatching a white reporter to report the story of Walker’s alleged non-blackness…

From the New York Times:

In a predominantly Black neighborhood of small homes about a block from where Mr. Walker went to high school, nine people, including a man who said he was Mr. Walker’s cousin, gathered on a steamy Saturday in July to eat and talk in the shade. No one planned to vote for Mr. Walker. Most scoffed at the thought. Around the corner, a retired teacher named Alice Pierce said nice things about Mr. Walker’s mother and family, as most people do.

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“But I’m not going to vote for him, I’ll be honest with you,” she said. Fearful of repercussions in a small town, and out of respect for members of the Walker family who still live in the area, many Black residents in Wrightsville spoke only under the condition of anonymity…“Herschel’s not getting the Black vote because Herschel forgot where he came from,” Mr. Dixon said. “He’s not part of the Black community.” Such feelings toward Mr. Walker have been present for decades.

Just outrageous.

It just goes to show that the left sees Walker as a real threat.

If they didn’t, they wouldn’t bother attacking him like this.


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