SO DUMB: AOC Claims Democrats Lost Elections This Week For Not Going Far Left Enough (VIDEO)

Democrats got absolutely pummeled this week. They lost in Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Seattle and other places.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks she knows why. According to her, Democrats are just too darned moderate.

This is 100 percent wrong, but unfortunately there are some people on the left who will believe her.

Red State reports:

AOC Responds to Tuesday’s Election Results and Republicans Should Thank Her

With this week’s elections in the books, some of the most surprising outcomes actually happened outside of Virginia. Don’t get me wrong, Glenn Youngkin (and Winsome Sears) winning in a state that Biden took by 10 points a year ago was huge. But in places like New York, New Jersey, and the City of Seattle, other factors played into big upsets.

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One such instance involved an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-backed socialist who was the Democrat nominee for mayor in Buffalo, NY. By the time the election was called, a write-in candidate had won that race by around 20 points.

In response, AOC took to Instagram last night (because where else?) to give her take on the election results, and Republicans should probably send her a thank you card.

Watch the video below:

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She really is a special kind of stupid, isn’t she?

If Democrats keep listening to people like AOC, they will continue to lose.


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