SO DUMB: San Francisco Renaming Abraham Lincoln High School Because Black Lives Didn’t Matter To Him

The far left’s assault on American history continues apace.

In San Francisco, a school that is named for President Abraham Lincoln is going to have its name changed because, according to the people leading this charge, Lincoln didn’t demonstrate that black lives matter.

Have you got that? The president who fought the Civil War to end the practice of slavery didn’t care about black people.

This is beyond stupid.

The Daily Mail reports:

San Francisco to rename Abraham Lincoln High School because former president did not demonstrate that ‘black lives mattered to him’ – as woke renaming committee also takes aim at Democrat senator Dianne Feinstein and Teddy Roosevelt

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A San Francisco district is planning to rename a school named after Abraham Lincoln because the former president did not demonstrate that ‘black lives mattered to him’.

The president, who is often held up as an American hero for abolishing slavery, is just one of 44 historical figures soon to have their names scratched off schools within the San Francisco Unified School District.

Other names include George Washington, Herbert Hoover and Senator Dianne Feinstein, whose name will be stripped from the Dianne Feinstein Elementary School for allowing the Confederate flag to fly outside City Hall back in 1984 when she was mayor.

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The renaming of the schools comes as part of a nationwide reckoning around racial justice that has seen Confederate flags banned, military bases renamed and statues toppled of racist and Confederate figures across America in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd.

Senator Ted Cruz called this out.

As did others.

The radical left needs to be stopped. This will never end until they are.


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