SO MUCH FOR UNITY: Rashida Tlaib Boos Hillary Clinton At Bernie Sanders Event (VIDEO)

The Democrats are just as fractured now as they were four years ago.

During an event for Bernie Sanders in Iowa, far left Rep. Rashida Tlaib booed Hillary Clinton.

Does that sound like a sign of a unified party?

NBC News reports:

Rep. Tlaib boos Hillary Clinton’s name, encourages Sanders supporters to do same

Rep. Rashida Tlaib booed after a mention of Hillary Clinton’s name at a Bernie Sanders event on Friday night — the candidate himself was not present — and encouraged the crowd to join her.

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After the moderator brought up Clinton, some in attendance started to boo before the moderator attempted to stop them. But Tlaib jumped in.

“No, I’ll boo. Boo!” Tlaib interrupted, imploring the crowd to take part. “You all know I can’t be quiet. No, we’re going to boo. That’s alright. The haters, the haters, will shut up on Monday when we win” in the Iowa caucuses.

On Saturday, Tlaib issued a statement saying in part, “In this instance, I allowed my disappointment with Secretary Clinton’s latest comments about Senator Sanders and his supporters (to) get the best of me. You all, my sisters-in-service on stage, and our movement deserve better. I will continue to strive to come from a place of love and not react in the same way of those who are against what we are building in this country.”

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Watch the video:

Someone must have said something to Tlaib afterwards, because she offered a half-hearted apology on Twitter:

The Democrats are a total mess.


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