SO SMART: Kamala Harris Refers To West Virginia Coal Mines As ‘Land Mines’ (VIDEO)

Kamala Harris recently did a TV interview in West Virginia that made her look a little foolish.

When talking about the state’s coal mining industry, she referred to coal mines as “land mines.”

The interview was obviously meant to try to provide some cover to the fact that Biden has already killed so many jobs in the energy industry.

The Federalist has details:

Confused Kamala Harris Warns Of West Virginia’s ‘Abandoned Land Mines’

Last week, Vice President Kamala Harris gave an exclusive interview to a local television news station in West Virginia.

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In the interview, Harris was asked about the state’s coal industry. She reassured West Virginia coal miners that even if their jobs disappear under the Biden administration — and the implication was clear that they would disappear — mine workers could transfer their skills to new industries. She then listed several exciting new careers coal miners could consider. The first of these was, and I quote: “reclaiming abandoned land mines.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Are there really that many abandoned land mines lying around in West Virginia? Enough to make a whole job industry out of minesweeping?” And: “Is it safe to go hiking there?”

Friends, I asked this too. As a West Virginia resident myself, the question is urgent. Admittedly, I have never once encountered a land mine in two decades of living here, but I may have just been lucky (there was that one time the neighbor’s cat left something in our driveway, and my family all stepped in it on the way to church, but I don’t think that counts).

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See the video below:

But remember folks, this is the smart party.

These are the people who claim to “believe in science.”


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