Socialist President Of Venezuela Eats On TV While Talking About His Starving People (VIDEO)

The people of Venezuela are starving thanks to the Socialist policies of their current government. President Maduro recently appeared on TV to talk about his starving people and ate during the broadcast. You couldn’t make this up.

Newsweek reported:


Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro got so hungry during a lengthy, live broadcast to his starving nation Thursday that he pulled out an empanada and started eating.

Already mocked for being overweight, Maduro didn’t think the cameras were still on him when he took a big bite of the empanada, a trademark Spanish meat pastry.

But the camera caught his first few bites of the empanada.

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Call it Pastrygate: As Maduro finished his speech, he peered around the room, looked down at his desk, opened a drawer and, like magic, brought out the empanada. He downed half of it in one bite.

To be fair, Maduro’s state-mandated broadcasts can last hours, so he might have simply gotten hungry and decided it was empanada time. But the optics couldn’t have been worse: Maduro has been widely mocked for putting on a few pounds — maybe it was the empanadas — especially as his country continues to reel from poverty, starvation and a medicine shortage.

Watch the video:

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That’s Socialism for you. The leaders never go hungry.


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