Some Democrats Now Beginning To Worry That Going ‘Woke’ Has Hurt Them Politically

Over the past few years, Democrats have run further to the far left than almost any other time in history.

Now, some of them are starting to realize that might be a problem for them politically.

The American people are patient and tolerant but there is only so much craziness they will put up with before saying enough is enough.

Townhall reports:

Democrats Are Quietly Admitting That Going ‘Woke’ Was a Very Bad Idea

This experiment has derailed. It’s not similar in any way since Republicans aren’t this crazy concerning political correctness, but there was a dominant wing of the party that simply had to be told to get to the back of the bus around 2016.

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The neoconservative project derailed post-Iraq War. Americans were not going to keep a GOP majority in Congress over national security fears. They were tired of endless wars. They were not patient over this nation-building nonsense. They saw the bill we paid, what we got, and we’re not pleased.

With Democrats, their ascendant ‘woke’ wing is more of an issue on the domestic front. With political correctness, speech codes, proper pronoun nonsense, and critical race theory being jammed down our throats, Democrats are quietly admitting this lurch to the Left on anything cultural is going to cost them a ton of votes.

It could be potentially catastrophic for the 2022 midterms. To put it bluntly, there are some on the Left who know that if the party continues to go ‘woke’ and it’ll go broke in every sense of the word concerning political capital.

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Townhall points to this report from Axios:

A growing number of Democrats are ringing the alarm that their party sounds — and acts — too judgmental, too sensitive, too “woke” to large swaths of America.

Why it matters: These Democrats warn that by jamming politically correct terms or new norms down the throats of voters, they risk exacerbating the cultural wars — and inadvertently helping Trumpian candidates.

Top Democrats confide that they’re very aware of the danger. Already, we’ve seen a widespread pullback in the “defund the police” rhetoric…

What we’re hearing: Moderate and swing-district lawmakers and aides tell Axios’ Margaret Talev and Alayna Treene that the party could suffer massive losses in next year’s midterms if Democrats run like Sen. Elizabeth Warren is president.

One former Senate aide said it’s “bye-bye majority” if Democrats run on “extreme wokeness.”

The 2022 midterms will be here before you know it.

Democrats may pay a heavy price for their embrace of the far left.


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