SORRY LIBERALS: American Support For The Electoral College Has Risen Sharply Since Election


Ever since election day, the left has been calling for the abolition of the Electoral College. They can’t stand the fact that our Constitutional system will award Trump the presidency because he won the most electoral votes.

They insist Hillary should have won because she got more of the popular vote. Although, that’s questionable too.

The bottom line is that despite the protests of the left, most American approve of the Electoral College system.

Gallup polling reports:

Americans’ Support for Electoral College Rises Sharply

Americans’ support for keeping the Electoral College system for electing presidents has increased sharply. Weeks after the 2016 election, 47% of Americans say they want to keep the Electoral College, while 49% say they want to amend the Constitution to allow for a popular vote for president. In the past, a clear majority favored amending the U.S. Constitution to replace the Electoral College with a popular vote system…

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Despite some Democratic elected officials and media pundits calling for intensively studying, if not doing away with, the Electoral College, the country is now sharply divided on the issue.

In previous years, Americans preferred amending the U.S. Constitution to abolish the Electoral College, but not in 2016. One possible reason is that Republicans are aware that President-elect Trump would not have won the presidency without winning the Electoral College, and that Republicans possess a state-by-state advantage in this area, at least for now. Also, the popular vote is clearly advantageous to Democrats, who can accumulate big totals in heavily Democratic states such as California.

The electoral college exists to keep states with large populations like California and New York from deciding every presidential election. Naturally, that’s exactly what the left wants.

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Sorry liberals, in this election the system worked exactly as it was designed to.


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