SOUNDS FAMILIAR: Elizabeth Warren To Successful Americans – You Didn’t Build That On Your Own (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren first rose to prominence in Progressive circles many years ago, when she made a speech about how no one in America got successful on their own.

Many people speculated that it was Warren who inspired Obama’s famous “You didn’t build that.” remarks.

Warren just dusted off her old speech during a campaign appearance in New Hampshire.

Breitbart reports:

Warren Channels Obama for Labor Day Message: You Didn’t Build That

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) belittled working Americans during a campaign stop in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, Monday, suggesting that those who worked hard for their wealth or success did not make it happen on their own.

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Warren campaigned in the Granite State on Labor Day, delivering a classic stump speech at a backyard event. She repeated typical portions of her life story to enthusiastic supporters, decried the influence of the Koch brothers in politics, and vowed to weed out corruption in Washington…

“I’m not proposing a wealth tax because I’m cranky. Some of these guys say, ‘I worked hard. I had a great idea. I worked late’– oh yeah, unlike anybody else,” she sarcastically stated. “But ‘I worked late or inherited wealth, and so this is mine.’”

She continued:

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And the answer is yeah, you did. Good for you. You did have a great idea and you did work hard. No one is angry about that, but here’s the deal. You built a great fortune here in America. I guarantee you built it at least in part using workers all of us help pay to educate. Yeah.

You built it at least in part, getting your goods to market on roads and bridges all of us helped pay to build. Yep. You built it at least in part, protected by police and firefighters all of us help pay their salaries. And we’re are glad to do it. These are the investments we make as Americans.

Watch the video:

Warren used this same line during an event in August.

CNS News reported:

Sen. Warren: ‘You Didn’t Build’ That by Yourself, ‘All of Us Helped’

Echoing the “You didn’t build that” claim made famous by former President Barack Obama, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) made a pitch for a new tax while addressing the Black Church PAC’s Youth Leadership Conference in Atlanta on Saturday.

But, Obama’s controversial 2012 comment actually appears to have been a paraphrase of remarks Warren made a year earlier when she was running her successful campaign to unseat incumbent Republican Senator Scott Brown.

On Saturday, promoting her proposal for a new “wealth tax,” Democrat presidential hopeful Warren told her audience that, if any of them have built a fortune, they didn’t do it on their own, because “all of us helped” them…

This approach didn’t work out too well for Obama.

It’s kind of surprising to see Warren recycling it now.


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