Stephen Colbert Advises Elizabeth Warren On How To Talk About Raising Taxes On The Middle Class (VIDEO)

Remember when late night shows were about comedy and entertainment?

That all ended after the 2016 election. Late night hosts are now left wing political activists.

Stephen Colbert recently had Elizabeth Warren on his show and offered her unsolicited advice about how to talk about raising taxes.

From Hot Air:

Elizabeth Warren Won’t Tell The Truth About Middle-Class Taxes Despite Stephen Colbert Pleading With Her To Do So

Elizabeth Warren appeared on the Stephen Colbert show Tuesday night. Colbert’s interview quickly turned into a public attempt to help Warren craft a more honest answer about one of her main policy proposals, Medicare for All. Colbert did his best to make the case that Warren should stop avoiding the fact that her plan would necessitate raising middle-class taxes.

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Colbert set up the segment by calling her Medicare for All proposal the “most radical” of all of her positions. Warren quibbled with that but then Colbert got to his question. “You keep being asked in the debate ‘How are you going to pay for it? Are you going to raise the middle-class’ taxes?’” Colbert said…

“Isn’t Medicare for All like public school? There might be taxes for it, but you certainly save a lot of money on sending your kids to school, and do you want to live in a world where your kids aren’t educated? Do you want to live in a world where your fellow citizens are dying, even if it costs a little bit of money?”

Watch the video:

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This is entertainment?

The liberal media types sure do love her, don’t they?


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