STREAMING SOCIALISM: Bernie Sanders Launches New Internet Based TV Show (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders is launching a new TV show and it’s not a comedy, though it probably should be. When you consider how many people in our left wing media adore him, it’s surprising he didn’t get an offer from MSNBC.

The show is going to be on Facebook Live.

NBC News reports:

The Sanders Show: Welcome to ‘Bernie TV’

It’s Thursday afternoon and Bernie Sanders is on a TV set about to go live when he realizes there’s a problem.

“Does this make me look fat?” he asks, looking down at how his stomach folds into a red upholstered arm chair.

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He’s seated at a coffee table with a journalist, New Yorker writer Jane Mayer, in front of a bookshelf filled with generic TV props — books, empty vases, fake house plants.

He decides the chair has to go and two straight-backed leather replacements are quickly brought out.

Sanders can choose the chairs because this is his show. He’s the host, not the guest, and everyone here works for him, or the newly revamped studio run by the Senate Democratic Media Center.

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The voice of an aide comes over the P.A. system. “Alright Senator, we’re ready in 5…4…3…2…”

“Well, welcome everybody,” Sanders says, kicking off the fourth episode of “The Bernie Sanders Show.”

Here’s a sneak peek:

What about Hillary? Will she be a guest at some point, Bernie?


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