STUART VARNEY: Media Holds Trump to Double Standard With Selective Outrage (VIDEO)


Stuart varney of the FOX Business Network recently put into words what many Trump supporters already know. The media hypes news they think will damage Donald Trump while downplaying or outright ignoring negative stories about Hillary Clinton.

Varney says:

“Emails show Hillary Clinton in favor of open borders and clearly stating we can’t vet Syrian refugees, that is ignored. No impact on the election, Double standard? How about this one? Trump’s locker room talk video, an avalanche of outrage followed that. Bill’s women victims and Hillary’s response to them? Ignored. Barely mentioned in the media when they appeared before the debate. Double standard? Sure seems that way, doesn’t it?”

There’s more, watch the video:

The problem is that almost everyone who works in media is a Democrat and anyone who isn’t is under tremendous peer pressure to keep their mouth shut.

This has to change.

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