Student Activist Says NRA Is Killing Kids – Gets No Push Back From CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (VIDEO)

One of the Parkland teens appeared on CNN this week and made outrageous claims about the NRA. He even said at one point that the NRA is killing kids. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer remained silent. This goes beyond media bias. It is allowing lies to promote left wing activism.

News Busters reports:

CNN Guest: The NRA Is ‘Basically Killing Kids’, ‘Toxic’, ‘Vile’

During an appearance on CNN’s Wolf Wednesday, Stoneman Douglas High School student Alfonso Calderon accused the National Rifle Association of “killing kids” and painted them with the labels of “toxic” and “vile.” He received absolutely no push-back from anchor Wolf Blitzer after hurling such incendiary accusations.

Just hours after classes let out at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on its first day of reopening since a mass shooting two weeks ago, Blitzer asked Calderon for his reaction to the decision of Dick’s Sporting Goods to stop selling AR-15 and raising the minimum age to buy a weapon from 18 to 21. The high school junior did not hold back. While indicating his approval of the retailer’s decision to support “common sense gun laws”, Calderon blasted the NRA, saying “I’m glad that companies, which are what will stop the NRA from doing what they’re doing, basically killing kids, the companies are going to be the ones that are going to stop this.”

Watch the video:

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