Students Harassed For Being White Males In Campus Multicultural Center At Arizona State University (VIDEO)

A pair of white male students at Arizona State University were quietly doing schoolwork and minding their own business in a campus multicultural center this week, when they were approached by two young women of color who harassed them.

One of the young men had a ‘police lives matter’ sticker on his laptop computer which the women said was racist.

The men were even told their presence was offensive.

The Daily Mail has more details:

‘Whiteness is not a culture!’: BLM activists at Arizona State University scream at two white students with Police Lives Matter stickers on their laptops before forcing them out of a ‘multicultural learning space’

Two white students at Arizona State University were forced out of a ‘multicultural learning space’ after two female BLM activists took issue with the Police Lives Matter stickers on their laptops.

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The incident, which took place at the college’s Phoenix campus on Thursday, was recorded by one of the woke activists before it was shared to their Instagram page.

The footage begins with the white students sitting at a table studying before they are approached by two activists who state: ‘You’re offensive. Police Lives Matter? This is our space. You’re making this space uncomfortable.’

The two black activists, tell the white students they must leave, saying: ‘You’re white. Do you understand what a multicultural space means? It means you’re not being centered.’

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‘White’s not a culture?’ one of the white students subsequently asks.

The video has been viewed four million times. Take a look:

This far left ideology is present on college campuses all over the country.

Our system of higher education has been completely taken over by radicals and that’s precisely why Democrats want to make it free for everyone. It’s indoctrination.


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