Study Finds Joe Biden Received Thousands Of Illegal Votes From Non-Citizens In Key States

It looks like thousands of illegal votes were cast for Joe Biden.

This will come as no surprise to conservatives who have complained for years that illegal immigration was nothing more than a new voter program for Democrats.

A new study suggests that their plan worked, or at the very least helped.

Just The News reports:

Biden received thousands of non-citizen, illegal votes from non-citizens, study

A new study finds that Democrat Joe Biden received thousands of illegal votes from non-citizens in battleground states.

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The findings were made by the nonprofit research group Just Facts, which also said the number of votes would not resulting in President Trump having received enough votes to win reelection.

Just Facts looked at election results from seven key battleground states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, said group President James D. Agresti.

The study included comparing U.S. Census figures on non-citizens (a figure that totals just under 22 million) with the demographics and election results of each of the seven battleground states. Previous election polling data of non-citizens was then factored into the study’s calculations.

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“This is just one kind of fraud,” Agresti told the Washington Times. “It’s a sizable number, which is the point. It also decimates the predominant narrative that there is no evidence of large-scale fraud in U.S. elections.”

None of this happened by accident, and if Biden becomes president, you should expect the Democrats to push for more of it.

Democrats care far more about expanding their voter base than they do about working class Americans.

This is one of the reasons why it so imperative for Republicans to retain control of the Senate.


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