STUNNING: 2.6 Million Illegal Border Crossings Predicted For 2023

Joe Biden is purposely allowing the border to remain open and indirectly encouraging people to cross the border illegally.

How could anyone reach any other conclusion?

The problem has been going on since he took office and it’s going to get worse in 2023.

The Washington Examiner reports:

‘Spectacularly ugly’ 2.6M border crossings predicted for 2023

This year’s near invasion of immigrants over the southern border is about to get worse, according to an expert who has accurately predicted the recent surges under the Trump and Biden administrations.

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Steven Kopits, the president of Princeton Policy Advisors, said that he expects 2.6 million to cross the border next year, kicking off with a strong spring.

“This coming March, April, and May, in particular, could post some spectacularly ugly numbers,” he said in a new write-up of the crisis.

Kopits, who has advocated immigration reforms and a visa program based on the needs of American companies for workers, has been surprised by the continued surge of immigrants since President Joe Biden took office. He recently raised his 2022 prediction to 2.3 million, up from 2.1 million.

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“Conditions at the border appear to be deteriorating even compared to the outlandish levels seen to date under the Biden administration,” he said.

Biden just refuses to listen to anyone who is talking about this.

This is all being done on purpose.


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