STUNNING HYPOCRISY: Adam Schiff Says Investigations Of Biden Would Be Time Wasting Obstructions (VIDEO)

Rep. Adam Schiff led a four year-long witch hunt against the Trump administration. He saw Russia around every corner and did everything he could to obstruct.

Now that it looks as though Democrats and the media are going to install Joe Biden as president, Schiff is warning that any investigations of Biden by Republicans would be an obstruction and waste of the American people’s time.

He said this on MSNBC, a network that dedicated itself to every ridiculous obstruction led by Schiff and other Democrats.

Townhall reports:

WATCH: Adam Schiff and Joy Reid Fret Over Republican-Led Investigations

During an interview on Thursday, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) agreed with MSNBC host Joy Reid that congressional Republicans would likely spend the next four years conducting such investigations.

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“They want to go after Hunter Biden still,” carped Joy Reid to Adam Schiff. “They want to go after the investigations that led to impeachment. A time in which I think for a lot of people you sort of became the modern-day Thaddeus Stevens.”

Stevens was a fiery Republican who railed against slavery; think pro-life Republicans in the modern era. Schiff is a partisan Democrat who represents the amoral interests of Hollywood elites.

“Is this what we’re going to have to sit through for the next four years?” Reid asked. “Republicans just doing investigations and refusing to legislate?”

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Sure would be a shame if Senate Republicans did exactly what Democrats in the House spent the past couple of years doing.

Watch the video:

If Biden is made president, Democrats should expect to reap some of what they have sown for four years.

There will be no stopping it, not matter what Adam Schiff says.


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