Sunny Hostin Of ‘The View’ Tells Total LIES About Republicans Wanting To Raise The Voting Age

The View is just the worst show on television.

Host Sunny Hostin recently lied on the air about Republicans wanting to raise the voting age to 28. It’s like she just made this up out of thin air, but no one called her out on this.

The left constantly talks about the danger of disinformation, but it’s different when they do it.

Hot Air reports:

They lie, and nobody cares but us

We all like to make fun of The View. The hot takes are stupid, the “conservative”–whoever it is this week or month–is about as useful as tits on a bull. Nobody who follows politics even moderately closely takes them seriously.

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But The View gets a lot of views, and as with late night hosts who spread disinformation behind the mask of telling jokes, nobody can or does hold them to account for being liars.

And they aren’t only stupid, they are liars and propagandists. They serve a purpose in the media ecosystem, training their viewers to hate and be scared of anybody who opposes The Narrative™. They often know that what they are spewing is false, and know they will not be held to account…

Sunny Hostin didn’t accidentally make her comment about Republicans plotting to raise the voting age to 28–an impossibility because the voting age is actually set in the Constitution by the 26th Amendment–she was reading from a script. Watch the clip. This was no slip up. It was planned.

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Watch the clip below:

Again, this is a blatant lie, being spread on a widely watched show on ABC.

How is Hostin allowed to get away with this?


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