Supposedly “Massive” Anti-Trump Balloon Turns Out To Be Very Small (But Still Cost $30K)

For weeks now, liberal media outlets have been hyping a supposedly ‘giant’ Trump baby balloon to fly in London during protests while Trump visits.

Take a look at this report from VOX:

A giant “Trump Baby” balloon will greet Trump in London next week

President Donald Trump is going to the United Kingdom next week — a trip he’s been canceling and rescheduling for months over worries over massive protests.

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Massive demonstrations are still expected when the US president gets into town on July 13. One will include a huge balloon of Trump’s likeness floating across the London skyline — wearing a diaper.

The 19-foot “Trump Baby” balloon, which will fly for two hours during the president’s visit, is just the latest development in a visit that’s been filled with diplomatic rough patches. Trump doesn’t get a full state visit, nor will he address Parliament — a typical honor for a visiting world leader.

This image makes it look huge:

The reality was a little underwhelming:

How sad.


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