SURPRISE! California Will Have Expanded Mail-In Voting For Newsom Recall Election

The recall election of California Governor Gavin Newsom is finally happening in September.

Would you be surprised to learn that the state is going to use expanded mail-in voting for the election? Why would they do such a thing? The answer should be obvious.

You may have seen some social media posts saying that California put this plan into action because of the Delta variant of COVID.

But the media is here to tell you that’s not true. California was planning to do this anyway.

That’s the actual angle of a fact check from the Associated Press:

California expanded voting by mail before the delta variant surge

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THE FACTS: On Sept. 14, California will hold a recall election that could remove first-term Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, from office. The recall vote is occurring after officials certified that 1.7 million valid petition signatures were turned in to qualify it for the ballot.

In February, the state Legislature passed a bill mandating that all active registered voters get a ballot in the mail for the election even if they didn’t ask for one. Ballots will be mailed this month. Even before the pandemic, more than half of California voters chose to mail in their ballots; in 2018 statewide elections, two-thirds of voters cast vote-by-mail ballots.

False posts on Twitter claimed that the delta variant led the state to send out mail-in ballots. “Due to new ‘delta variant’ California will be mailing in ballots for recall election,” a false tweet claims.

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Other conspiracy posts online suggested that the variant was somehow “planned” to affect election results.

In fact, the bill requiring the distribution of mail-in ballots was signed before the ongoing delta surge.

See? There’s nothing going on here.

Don’t believe conspiracy theories about mail-in voting due to COVID. They were planning to use mail-in voting anyway.

Somehow, this defense of California from the media doesn’t come off the way they think it does.


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