SURPRISE! Chelsea Plans To Stay On The Clinton Foundation Gravy Train!

SURPRISE! Chelsea Plans To Stay On The Clinton Foundation Gravy Train!

Well of course she does! How else would she pay for that extravagant New York mansion? And of course, how would it look? If she resigned it might just infer there is more than just a little nepotism going on at the Clinton Foundation. Here’s how they justify it. Break out the pop corn. This should be good.

The Clinton Foundation is considering exceptions to its plan to stop accepting corporate and foreign donations and reduce family involvement as a way to insulate Hillary Clinton from potential conflicts of interest if elected president.

As recently as this summer, the foundation was discussing with some allies plans for Chelsea Clinton to leave the board, along with former President Bill Clinton, if Mrs. Clinton should win. But on Wednesday, foundation spokesman Craig Minassian said Chelsea Clinton plans to stay on the board. Mr. Clinton told donors he still plans to leave.

While the parent Clinton Foundation will stop accepting money from foreign governments and corporations, the foundation’s largest project, the Clinton Health Access Initiative, might continue to accept foreign government and corporate funding, Clinton health initiative officials said Wednesday.

It is still unclear what Chelsea’s roll on the board is, however….

A spokeswoman for Chelsea Clinton said she plans to remain on the board because she “is committed to ensuring that those benefiting from the foundation’s work will be able to continue receiving that often life-changing help.” Left unclear was whether she would continue to raise money for the foundation, which would be scaled back significantly if Hillary Clinton wins in November. A statement from the spokeswoman said Chelsea Clinton was remaining on the board to “steward the implementation of changes,” including “new fundraising policies.”

The Hill reports that Bill may step aside. Actually, this is a brilliant plan. Leaving Chelsea in place keeps it in the family, and under complete control of the Clintons without Bill or Hillary in the spotlight.

Former President Bill Clinton announced Monday that he would step down from his family’s charitable organization should his wife win.

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