SURPRISE! CNN Cut To A Commercial When Kimberly Klacik Spoke At The Republican National Convention

Kimberly Klacik became an overnight sensation last week, when she released a viral ad about her run for Congress in Maryland.

Now she is already a rising star in the Republican party.

She spoke at the Republican National Convention on Monday night, and CNN cut to a commercial. Why would they do that?

Townhall reports:

CNN Curiously Cuts to Commercial as Kim Klacik Delivers RNC Speech

It is the kind of move that, had the players been changed, would have had Brian Stelter pontificating loudly about the inference of intolerance. But as the Republican convention kicked off last night, we saw a very curious decision made by the production staff at Brian’s network, and you have to raise a number of questions about the move, especially considering some of the comments made by Stelter himself.

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Kim Klacik made a quick name for herself with a campaign ad she made to run for the representative seat in her hometown of Baltimore. That a forceful person of color was running as a GOP in Maryland’s 7th District is enough to turn a few heads, but her message, while strolling through the gutted backdrop of her city, was powerful and she became a sensation as a result.

So much so that she was invited to be one of the featured speakers at the Republican convention Monday night — just don’t tell that to CNN. In truth, it appeared someone had let the network know. When it came time for Klacik’s message to begin CNN minimized her — literally.

Her video was diminished to make room for the news network to run a commercial spot.

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If you missed it, here are Kimberly’s remarks:

In the end, it doesn’t matter that CNN tried to diminish Kimberly.

She is going places.


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