SURPRISE! Florida Democrat Says He Wants A Gun Registry

Democrats often say they’re not coming for anyone’s guns. Then they turn around and try to do just that. Florida Democrat Bill Nelson is now talking about creating a gun registry. Anyone surprised?

Townhall reports:

Florida Democrat: I Want A Gun Registry

Common sense gun control, they said. But we all know that’s a lie. Anti-gunners want to repeal the Second Amendment and push an agenda of gun bans and confiscation. What’s happening in Oregon, Deerfield, Illinois, and Boulder, Colorado pretty much shows where they are, despite the soft talk about respecting the Second Amendment, but wanting more gun control laws. You know the game: we respect the Second Amendment, I hunt, I’m a gun owner, I respect hunters, and target shooters but…—which is where things drift into political fantasyland and the inauthentic.

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Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) feeding off Gov. Rick Scott’s anti-gun bill that he signed into law this year, which increased the age to purchase firearms to 21, now wants a gun registry…

From Orlando Weekly:

Federal law prohibits the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives from creating an electronic, accessible database of gun records – but U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson says he has a fix for that.

That’s why he’s filed a bill called the Crime Gun Tracing Modernization Act, which would give ATF up to three years to create a database that would include all records in its possession on the sale, importation, production or shipment of firearms.

The left will never stop with this nonsense. It’s one more reason to keep Democrats out of power.

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