SURPRISE! The FBI Just Found 15,000 Emails Hillary Clinton Didn’t Turn Over

Hillary Shrug AL

We’re supposed to just believe that Hillary and her team handed over all the pertinent emails and only disposed of personal emails. Why was she allowed to dispose of any emails in the first place?

Now we learn that 15,000 more emails have been found by the FBI which Hillary never turned over.

The Washington Post reported:

The FBI found 15,000 emails Hillary Clinton didn’t turn over. Uh oh.

If you scrape away all of the spin and the political positioning that Hillary Clinton’s decision to use a private email server has spawned, you are left with these facts:

1. Clinton is the first secretary of state to exclusively use a private email account for official business.

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2. She is also the first secretary of state to have a private email server housed at her home.

3. When asked by the State Department to turn over her emails, Clinton had a team of lawyers go through them to separate those that were purely personal and those that touched on some aspect of her professional life. The personal emails were deleted permanently off the server. The professional ones were turned over to the State Department…

Clinton deleted more emails than she turned over. Her team never actually read all of the emails, skimming subject lines instead. And there was never anyone outside of Clinton’s direct orbit brought in to oversee the process. The essence of Clinton’s argument regarding this email-sorting process was: Trust me. As in, my team of lawyers found all of the emails that were even tangentially tied to my day job as the nation’s top diplomat and turned them over to the State Department.

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If Hillary becomes president, how much do you want to bet that this issue will go on and on as more emails are discovered?

She’s a threat to national security.


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