SURPRISE! The Left Suddenly Cares About The Constitution And Constraints on Government Powers


Over the last eight years Obama has gone around congress, the IRS was used to suppress the First Amendment rights of conservatives, Democrats spoke openly of taking away people’s guns and the left cheered.

The left wanted Obama to get whatever he wanted and for the size and reach of government to expand. Remember how they cheered when Obama vowed to act without congress, saying he had a phone and a pen?

Everything is different now.

Check out this hot take from Rolling Stone:

Let’s Talk About the Constitution – After Trump’s Win, We’re Going to Need It

It is imperative that we stop letting the right own the Constitution. Given that we’re about to have a president with dictatorial aspirations, and both houses of Congress controlled by the Republican Party from which he sprang, the public needs more than ever to understand and demand our constitutional protections. We must be a meaningful check on how much damage these people can do.

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But for that to happen, liberals are going to have to stop letting the right’s claims to constitutional authority for their preferred social order go unanswered. Too often, liberals and progressives treat the Constitution as an obsolete document written by white men who enslaved black people and treated women as property that has little relevance to our modern battles. In doing so, we’ve ceded the ground to white men longing for the good ol’ days.

Liberals must articulate a vision of the Constitution, because what Americans understand the Constitution to say acts as a constraint on what politicians and courts can do. Historically, we’ve made major strides by getting our fellow citizens to accept evolved interpretations of the Constitution’s text – for example, by arguing that segregation violates the right to equal protection of the law, and that forcing a person to carry a pregnancy to term against her will violates her 14th Amendment right to liberty.

What a difference an election makes.

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When they thought they held permanent reins of power, the left cared about none of this. Now they suddenly care about limited powers.

Do you think they’d be talking like this if Hillary won? Not a chance.


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