Survey Finds Majority Blames Biden For Border Crisis – Spells Trouble For Democrats

The situation at the southern border has been a disaster from the moment Joe Biden took office.

A new survey finds that a majority of Americans knows this, and blames Joe Biden for it.

It also spells major trouble for Democrats in 2022.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Exclusive: Most blame Biden for border crisis, spells 2022 doom for Democrats

Residents in key swing districts are angry about the historic border crisis, blame President Joe Biden for it, and stand ready to make the Democrats pay for it in the 2022 midterm elections, according to a broad new survey on the illegal immigration calamity.

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In 16 battleground congressional districts in 15 states, 56% blame Biden’s dismantling of former President Donald Trump’s policies for the crisis, including a whopping 48% who strongly agree, according to the survey for Heritage Action for America.

And 50% in those districts said that they are “less likely to support Democrat candidates in the 2022 election for Congress” as a result of the surge over the border greenlighted by Biden, said the survey conducted by On Message Inc. of Virginia.

The survey also polled 16 suburban swing counties in 10 battleground states and found nearly identical results. Two differences: More swing county voters (76%-72%) believe “Americans should come first” for government benefits, and, by a margin of 78%-73%, they believe illegal immigrants should be deported for making a fraudulent asylum claim.

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Democrats aren’t even trying to fix the problem.

Biden and the Democrats deserve to pay a political price for this.


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