Tammy Bruce: ‘Antifa And The Democratic Party Represent The Same Disturbing Agenda’

Writer and talk radio host Tammy Bruce has been one of the voices of reason in the Trump era. In a new column, she talks about the overlap between the far left goons of Antifa and the mainstream of the Democratic party.

She writes at the Washington Times:

The Democratic Party’s true, and violent, believers

We have a genuine chicken-or-egg issue regarding antifa and the Democratic Party’s true believers. On the one hand, we have the violent liberal group antifa, which exists to punish and hurt people for not believing as they do. On the other, we have the Democratic Party and “mainstream” liberals who exist to punish and destroy people and companies for not sharing their opinions.

It’s now obvious antifa and the Democratic Party represent the same disturbing agenda: Attack, defame and attempt to destroy those who do not share your opinion. The only issue now is this: Who’s influencing whom? Whatever the answer, the party that insists it represents mainstream liberals has abandoned everything it once stood for.

For quite some time, the media has portrayed the anarchist group antifa as a rogue group, not aligned with and certainly not a “liberal” group. While occasionally showing up where there’s an excuse to riot and attack the police, their tactic of threats, intimidation, disruption and obstruction is generally aimed at conservatives.

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Once again, Tammy nailed it. Antifa is essentially part of the Democrats’ base.


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