TAMMY BRUCE: Liberalism Is A Religion Which Relies On People Being Unhappy (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson recently did a report about conservative women and a study which found that they are generally the happiest and most satisfied with life.

Tammy Bruce then came on as a guest to discuss the issue. She suggested that liberalism is like a religion which not only makes its adherents unhappy but demands it.

Real Clear Politics has a transcript:

CARLSON: So Tammy, two questions. One, were you surprised by this? And two, why would this make people angry?

BRUCE: Well, you know, happiness is a subjective thing, right? We all have a different perspective, different life experience. And I don’t like organized religion, but I’m a woman of faith. And that gives me — it helps me get a perspective separate and beyond myself, which inevitably, when we go beyond ourselves, we end up being a little bit happier in life.

So it makes sense to me. And that’s a wonderful thing. But I’m not surprised because really, even when I was on the left, and what we see now is liberalism is a religion. Liberalism is a religion that of course, relies on people being unhappy and bitter and miserable and jealous. And it makes you unhappy and envious of other people who may be just — or don’t believe the way you do.

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But then of course, you’re a blasphemer. And this is what the left has problem with. If you do not agree with their line or their narrative of what’s important, you will be shunned, you will be punished. And those are the things that they complain of other people, right?

And they don’t see it, they don’t realize that their own misery and anger at people being happy, whether it’s because of their faith or not, who knows? Maybe it’s just that they’re comfortable enough with themselves to feel comfortable with, with God and an entity beyond themselves. They don’t know.

But the rage that we saw confirms the fact that the left itself is a religion that really has no tolerance for anyone else.

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Watch the video below:

Tammy makes an excellent argument and it’s hard to diagree with her.

She also has a great Twitter account and you may want to follow her:


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