TAMMY BRUCE: The Liberal ‘Resistance’ To Trump Is Doomed To Fail

In her newest column, Tammy Bruce points out that the left is going to tire itself out by constantly dialing their anti-Trump outrage up to 10 or higher.

Here’s an excerpt from the Washington Times:


It’s not clear how long liberals will be able to keep up their perpetual Trump outrage, but a clever entrepreneur should immediately establish sanatoriums within which Hollywood types, Democratic operatives and “activists” receive the care they need when they collapse from exhaustion.

It’ll be rehab for bullies. Liberal Fever Dreamers will need a bed, a cold glass of water and a pill of some sort because, courtesy of the agenda of President Trump, the United States getting back on its feet is moving rapidly from an idea to reality.

The liberal fever has hit a high point this week with all three gangs of the failed Democratic establishment screaming from the top of their respective mountains about the inevitable Trumpmageddon.

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Tina Fey, the comedian who extended her career by impersonating Sarah Palin, made headlines last week by lecturing Trump-voting “college-educated white women,” because, you know, they were too smart to vote for him. Other women, not so much.

Read the whole thing here.

As usual, Bruce is spot on.

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The left isn’t going to be able to sustain this.


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