TANKING: The Liberal Washington Post Loses 500,000 Readers In Two Years

CNN is not the only liberal media outlet struggling with a loss in revenue and consumers.

The left leaning Washington Post has lost half a million readers in just two years.

That’s a stunning blow to their bottom line.

Red State reports:

Washington Post Joins List of News Companies in Economic Straits After Denying a Bad Economy

On Thursday, close to 1,100 New York Times workers staged a strike, of sorts. The effort appears rather neutered considering it was only a 24-hour walkout, and the desperation was evident as they attempted to get readers to also join in by not consuming any Times content for the day. (Their position was further weakened as they realized the biggest challenge in this attempt was not concerning their work but in getting people to stop playing Wordle!)

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This barely recognized quit-snit was possibly met with shrugs based on one of the core complaints from this block of journalist guild workers…

The Washington Post is also going through its share of problems. Like Parade, it too will end its Sunday magazine, with Christmas Day bringing its final edition. To go along with this have been layoffs, as the outlet has been bleeding customers for a time. Now we can see just how stark the losses have been.

The Wall Street Journal has a report about a tech division inside of the Washington Post that is now being regarded as a bigger entity than previously envisioned…

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The Post is on pace to generate around $600 million in revenue in 2022 and has over 2.5 million subscribers, down from three million in January 2021, the people said. The company isn’t expecting to make a profit this year, they said.

That is – stark. 500,000 readers have vaporized in the past two years. It underscores in hard numbers the kind of challenge being faced across the media spectrum.

It’s like a sinking ship.

So many media outlets destroyed themselves in the age of Trump.


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