Ted Cruz: Democrats Have Gone ‘Bat-Crap Crazy’ (VIDEO)

Senator Ted Cruz made an appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend and gave Democrats some well deserved criticism. Cruz said that the Dems have basically lost their minds, citing how they supported some of Trump’s policies before he became president.

Townhall has details:

Ted Cruz At CPAC: ‘Democrats Have Gone Bat-Crap Crazy’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was back at CPAC 2019, this time with Rich Lowry, an editor at National Review. They sat down Friday to discuss concerns about the nation’s border near Mexico.

Lowry asked Cruz if President Donald Trump and the GOP should have worked to pass border wall funding before Democrats took power in the House.

Before he answered the question, Cruz said that Trump’s administration and the GOP made some great achievements in the first two years. He applauded them for passing the 2017 tax cuts, getting rid of the individual mandate requirement from Obamacare, and lowering the unemployment rate, including the rate for African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans…

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Cruz believes that the Democrats, both in the House and in the 2020 presidential race, have recently moved closer toward socialism. Not only because of their push for late-term abortion, but also for open borders and amnesty.

“Democrats have gone bat-crap crazy,” Cruz said. “If you go into the dictionary, it’s under ‘B.’”

Cruz said that the Democrats, including Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) were originally in favor of more border wall funding, and that the only reason they don’t want a wall now is because they want to continue to act as the anti-thesis of Trump.

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Here’s the clip:

Here’s the full video if you want to watch it:

Cruz aslo went after the far left faction in the Democrat party for messing up the Amazon deal in New York.

The Blaze reports:

Ted Cruz scorches ‘bunch of crazy socialists’ in New York who pushed Amazon out of headquarters deal

Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz ripped the “bunch of crazy socialists” in New York who recently pushed Amazon out of the headquarters deal there — and the Texan didn’t let Amazon off the hook, either.

Here’s what Cruz said toward the end of his time on the CPAC stage Friday in National Harbor, Maryland.

The blue states with high taxes, high regulations, their people are fleeing because they don’t have jobs … When New York chased Amazon out because a bunch of New York socialists said …. By the way, let’s pause for a second: What on earth was Amazon doing? You’re doing a nationwide search; where you want to base your second headquarters? “I know! New York City.'” You almost deserve the pestilence that happens to you if you go into that willingly … ‘”OK, they’re a bunch of crazy socialists, let’s go there.”

Cruz is not being unfair here. All of his criticism is deserved and the Democrats did it to themselves.


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