Ted Cruz: ‘No Doubt President Biden’s Capacity Is Severely Diminished’ (VIDEO)

Lots of people are now openly questioning Joe Biden’s mental capacity.

There are folks who would not have said this out loud just six to eight months ago, but now it’s mentioned as just a matter of fact.

Ted Cruz appeared on the FOX Business Network this weekend and said there’s ‘no doubt’ that this is true.

CNS News reports:

Sen. Cruz: ‘There’s No Doubt That President Biden’s Capacity Is Severely Diminished’

Following a week of missteps for the Biden administration, some are questioning, who is making the decisions? Biden’s aides are at liberty to cut his microphone when the president veers off-script; and Biden himself has joked that he’ll “get in trouble” for taking reporters’ questions.

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“Well, I would say it’s a disturbing pattern, where it seems they cut off his microphone any time he might say something that his handlers don’t want,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) told “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo…

This is what Cruz said:

There’s no doubt that President Biden’s capacity is severely diminished. And his White House handlers amplify that impression when they keep him locked up in a basement all day long.

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Whether it is Biden himself, or the political operatives around him, every decision about Afghanistan and, sadly, about just about every foreign policy and domestic policy issue that’s come before this White House has been decided as a matter of pure politics.

When it comes to Afghanistan, Joe Biden and his administration have presided over the worst foreign policy catastrophe in a generation. They put politics in front of everything else. They abandoned Americans behind enemy lines, and it was a disaster.

Watch the video below:

Cruz is absolutely correct here.

Biden is not fit to serve as president.


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