Texas Governor Greg Abbott Adds $1 Billion To State Budget To Build Border Wall

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is tired of waiting for the Biden administration to do anything about the border crisis, so he recently announced that Texas is going to build its own border wall.

This week, he took steps to fund it by adding a billion dollars to the state’s budget.

This just goes to show this is not a stunt. He is really going to do this.

Newsmax reports:

Texas Gov. Abbott Adds $1B in State Budget for Border Wall

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced Wednesday the state is putting $1 billion in its budget to strengthen border security because the federal government, under President Joe Biden’s administration, has failed to do so.

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”Building the wall in Texas has officially begun,” Abbott, a Republican, said at a press conference Wednesday as he signed a letter to hire a project manager.

Abbott also signed a letter giving $250 million as a ”down payment” for the construction.

”It’s a quarter of a billion dollars. It’s more than enough to hire the project manager and the contractors and begin building the wall,” he said.

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Abbott said Texas residents are suffering from the increase in crossings made worse by the current administration.

”The problems people are suffering on the border continue to get worse” for the state and the region, he said.

This is great news for Texas and the rest of the country.

Good for Abbott for taking this action. Other border states should follow.


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