THANKS BRANDON: Gas Prices Just Went Up Almost 20 Cents In Less Than A Week

Gas prices have just risen. Again.

In the span of less than a week, they have gone up almost twenty cents.

If this was happening on Trump’s watch, Democrats and the media would be blaming him for it. And that means Biden owns this.

Townhall reports:

Nation’s Average Gas Prices Jump Nearly 20 Cents In Less Than a Week

What goes up must come down. That’s the hope in the nation when it comes to gas prices as they continue to increase with no end in sight.

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According to AAA, the average price Americans are now paying at the pump stands at $3.83 for regular gas. Earlier this week I wrote a story when the average price was $3.66. The average price nationwide last year stood at $2.74 and even a month ago it was $3.42.

States with the highest average gas prices for unleaded include California ($5.07), Oregon ($4.28), Washington ($4.22), New York ($4.05), Arizona ($3.97), and Illinois ($4.10). States with the lowest average include Texas ($3.49), Wisconsin ($3.54), Oklahoma ($3.45), Missouri ($3.48), and Florida ($3.67).

Now that is only the average price across the country, with many big cities experiencing prices well above the $3.83 average, like in Los Angeles where gas is almost up to $6.

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And now for more bad news. Biden’s energy secretary Jennifer Granholm recently said this is happening because we’re going through a transition. What do you think she means?

This means that Democrats are trying to transition the country off of fossil fuels, something that no one except the very far left wants to happen.

The Biden administration is owned by the climate change obsessed left and we are all paying for it.


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