The Election Keeps Getting Closer And Joe Biden Keeps Taking The Day Off From Campaigning

As the election gets closer, the activity of the campaigns should be increasing, not decreasing.

Trump is doing what you would expect. As election day draws nearer, he is criss-crossing the country, holding campaign events in various states. Biden is doing the opposite and people are starting to ask questions.

In the last few weeks, Biden has taken off an alarming number of days for someone who is running for president.

The Federalist reports:

After Taking Another Day Off The Campaign Trail, It’s Time To Ask If Joe Biden Is OK

Tuesday morning before 9 a.m., the Biden campaign announced it was putting a lid on the day. For those unfamiliar with this lingo it means that Biden will have no events or appearances for the rest of the day.

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This is a Tuesday, just 42 days away from an election that by all accounts seems to be tightening, especially in key battleground states. To basically take the day off in the midst of a heated campaign is strange, even more so because he has done this several times in the past few weeks. It is becoming impossible not to wonder if Biden really is fit to campaign, and by extension, be president of the United States…

The fair thing to do here is to look first at the Biden campaign’s own explanation for all these days off. It basically boils down to “this is our plan and we know what we are doing.” Fair enough. They clearly think Biden does better in controlled environments, because he does and they do still lead in the polls, even if Biden is leading from the basement.

However, in the days before the Democratic National Convention last month Biden finally escaped the basement and seemed to be revving up his engine for more conventional campaigning. That engine is stalling out now, very often.

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This is simply not normal. What’s going on here?

This has got to be scaring the heck out of Democrats.

Biden just doesn’t seem up to the job.


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