The Fact That Businesses In Washington DC Are Boarding Up Their Storefronts Should Tell You Something

Businesses in Washington, DC and other liberal cities are boarding up their storefronts in expectation of civil unrest after the election.

It’s ridiculous that any business should have to do this before an election, but it also says something about the election.

Who exactly do they expect to riot and carry on like criminals? Trump supporters? No, the clear expectation is that a Trump win will cause the far left to lose their minds once again.

Just like in 2016, only worse.

CNS News reports:

D.C. Mayor Tells Businesses Not To Board Up, Businesses Do So Anyway

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D.C.’s Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser sent a flyer to businesses this month telling them how to prepare for “first amendment demonstrations” following the election on Nov. 3. The flyer said that the District “does not recommend businesses board up their buildings,” but suggested other security measures such as cameras.

The “First Amendment Demonstration Resource Guide for Businesses” was issued to businesses on Oct. 21, two weeks prior to the election, hinting to fears that protests may erupt on the streets of D.C. again this year, as they did in 2016.

The guide provided information for insurance retribution if businesses were to be damaged, encouraged the use of security cameras, and included polling center information.

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Under the section, “How to Protect,” the guide specifically recommends against boarding up businesses, which is a method that many D.C. businesses adopted during the summer Black Lives Matter protests.

Isn’t the underlying message here pretty clear?



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