The Liberal Huffington Post Says Hillary Has Already LOST THE ELECTION

Hillary behavior

The first debate hasn’t even happened yet but the liberal Huffington Post is already throwing in the towel on Hillary Clinton. What does that tell you about her chances in November?

Take a look:

Why Hillary Lost: A Premature Obit

On the high, crenelated ramparts of Castle Clinton, a chill breeze is stirring ― a faint but gnawing sense that the White Walkers are coming, wearing “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” baseball caps on their skinless noggins.

If Donald Trump does sack the fortress, no one who lost the battle will want to admit it was Hillary Clinton’s fault. It will have had nothing to do with, say, “transparency” or calling bearded villagers “deplorables” or the Iraq War vote or the simple fact that middle-of-the-road Clintonism ran out of gas as a public philosophy.

No, other individuals, groups and forces will have to be blamed. In fact, they already are, pre-emptively. If Trump wins, we’re all going to be too busy moving to Canada to read the postmortems (or write them), so we offer them to you now:

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Everyone’s piñata. Trump will blame the media. Gary Johnson will blame the media. Jill Stein will blame the media. (The media will ask, “Wait, which one was Jill Stein?”)

Actually, they arrived long ago and got into her phone.

Ugh. F**king idealists, right?

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Remember when people worried that running unopposed in the primary would hurt Clinton? It’s going to be an endless wail about how Sanders should have withdrawn sooner.

There are five more reasons, see them here.

Can you even imagine this sort of self-defeatism on the left eight years ago?

Hillary is just a terrible candidate.


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