The Newseum – The Fake News Media’s Tribute To Itself – Is Closing Down At The End Of The Month

Have you heard of the Newseum?

It’s a museum in Washington, DC that charges $25 admission to see exhibits dedicated to the media. It’s surrounded by Smithsonian Museums which are far more interesting.

And now it’s closing down. Who could have predicted that it would fail other than everyone?

The Washington Examiner reports:

The Newseum heads to the morgue

” We’re on deadline,” advertisements for the Newseum posted throughout Washington, D.C.’s metro system have announced for the past month. And that’s final: Journalism’s $450-million monument to itself is closing at the end of this year.

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What a strange, sad life it has led. With dozens of movie theaters, interactive galleries, and a massive collection of news-related artifacts plopped in the center of Pennsylvania Avenue, the Newseum was supposed to be a blowout success. Instead, it turned out to be an overweight, embarrassing cash sink.

It wasn’t always this way. When the Newseum was launched in 1997 as a project of the Freedom Forum (itself spun off from the media behemoth the Gannett Foundation), its first incarnation was a modest, dome-shaped structure behind Gannett and across the street from the old American Spectator building in Rosslyn, Virginia…

The Newseum only draws about 800,000 visitors per year, not helped by its $25 price tag for admittance. The costs of maintaining so many interactive exhibitions has been a weight since the beginning, but after 10 years of losses, it has finally become unsustainable.

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John Nolte of Breitbart has written a great piece about this:

Nolte: Half-Billion Dollar Newseum Boondoggle to Close Permanently in January

Not only is the half-billion dollar boondoggle known as the Newseum closing permanently in January, the whole idea of a monument to the discredited and disgusting institution of modern-day journalism has been so rejected by the public, this boondoggle cannot even find another home for its stupid exhibits.

What’s striking is that back in 2000, when the first $100 million was plopped down to turn the Newseum into something that rivaled the Smithsonian in the heart of downtown Washington, DC, at least 50 percent of the public already had zero respect for the media.

Once the doors opened in 2008, much of this disrespect had turned to outright hostility, especially after eight years of the media’s hideously biased coverage of President George W. Bush. Good grief, did everyone forget that in 2004, the very cornerstone of capital “J” journalism, 60 Minutes, attempted to rig the 2004 presidential election against Bush using Dan Rather’s forged documents?

How fitting that a museum dedicated to the media would die on Trumps’s watch.

It’s the end they deserve.


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