The Obamas Try to Take Another Company’s Trademark, Fight For “Higher Ground”

In case you haven’t heard, Barack and Michelle Obama are now involved in the entertainment business through a deal with Netflix.

Things are not going well, though.

They’re already involved in a trademark dispute.

The Mental Recession blog reports:

Obamas Accused of ‘Deplorable Behavior’ as They Fight to Take Another Company’s Trademark

An attorney for an e-publishing company has accused Barack and Michelle Obama of “deplorable behavior” after the former first couple filed to cancel his client’s trademark and take it for themselves.

The Hollywood Reporter states that the Obamas filed a petition to cancel the trademark of the company called Higher Ground Enterprises. The couple had formed Higher Ground Productions LLC to broker a lucrative agreement with Netflix to produce films and television series.

They originally argued that the two similar names could co-exist in the market, something the U.S. Trademark Office rejected in refusing to register the Obamas claim back in April.

Rather than come up with a different name the couple decided to try and take it for themselves, filing a petition to cancel the trademark for Higher Ground Enterprises.

They’re basically being accused of hypocrisy:

People don’t seem surprised:

It’s probably safe to say they’re not off to a great start.


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