The Radical Left Is Driving Oregon Voters Right Into The Arms Of Republicans

The far left has taken over parts of Portland and other places in Oregon and it’s driving voters to support Republicans.

Christine Drazan is poised to win the governor race in the state and this is exactly why.

People are fed up with the homeless camps, the drugs and the crime.

This is from the Common Sense Substack:

Why Lifelong Democrats in Oregon Say They’re Ready to Vote Red

Christine Drazan—a pro-life, pro-gun rights Republican best known for fighting a state climate-change bill—is in a dead heat to become the next governor of Oregon.

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I repeat: Oregon.

Oregon, where Democrats have controlled the governor’s mansion for four decades, and the state legislature for 15 years. Oregon, where medical marijuana has been legal since 1998 (trailing only California) and assisted dying is a birthright and hippies have long been a major constituency. (In 2013, the real-estate blog Estately ranked Eugene the No. 1 city in America for hippies.)…

Until recently, the city’s biggest homeless encampment stood just across the street from the floating-homes community, in what’s called the Big Four Corners Natural Area. The camp was founded in 2018 by homeless activists on a protected wetlands site. They used to call it the Village of Hope.

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By 2020, hundreds of people were living in the Village of Hope, and crime was rampant. Houseboat community residents started finding their car windows smashed in. Thieves stole their catalytic converters, and then their cars. On one occasion, a resident returned to his floating home to find someone in his bathroom taking a shower…

Then the homeless started stealing neighborhood dogs for ransom, Kevin Dahlgren, the president of a Pacific Northwest homeless advocacy group, told me. One homeless person told Dahlgren that bodies of deceased camp residents are buried in the site’s marshy ground.

If Christine Drazan wins here it will absolutely stun the political establishment.

People in Oregon seem ready for a change.


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