The Ratings Are In For The Latest Episode Of The Democrat January 6th Show Trial – And They’re Awful

Democrats are betting big on their January 6th show trial but it’s not going to work.

People are much more worried about filling their cars with gas and putting food on the table than they are about an incident that lasted a few hours a year and a half ago.

The ratings for the latest prime time airing of the hearings were absolutely terrible.

Deadline reports:

January 6th Committee Hearing Draws 17.7 Million Viewers, A Falloff From June’s Primetime Session

The January 6th Committee’s primetime hearing drew an estimated 17.7 million viewers, an 11% dropoff from the 20 million who watched the committee’s last nighttime event in June.

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The figures from Nielsen are across 10 networks. The committee’s June 9 hearing, kicking off its series, drew about 20 million on 11 networks.

Nielsen said that each of the eight hearings averaged 13.1 million, while the two primetime hearings averaged 18.9 million. The daytime hearings averaged 11.2 million.

Those are solid albeit not blockbuster numbers. The committee’s hearings, though, have commanded news cycles, and moments have gone viral on social media.

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The Democrats are just showing the American people that they don’t care about solving real problems.

This commentary from Red State is perfect:

The Democrats continue to lag Republicans in prospects for the midterms, and it looks like they’re about to get wiped out by a huge red wave. I think they thought it would antagonize the public against the Republicans.

Instead, it just makes Americans mad at Democrats that they’re spending all this time and money trying to get Donald Trump for the umpteenth time. Funny how Americans think that the Democratic “public servants” should be doing their jobs, rather than spending the American taxpayers’ money trying to take out their possible political opponent in 2024.

If we were just looking at ratings, this show trial isn’t going to get renewed for the next season.

People who are taking these Democrat show trials seriously are in for a big shock in November.


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