THE TOLERANT LEFT: Vandals Destroy Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star


This is actually good news and here’s why: The left would not be lashing out like this if they truly believed that Hillary Clinton is winning the election. Actions like this speak much louder than words. What’s being communicated here is the left’s fear that Trump can win the election.

Keep all that in mind as you read this report from FOX News:

Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame star destroyed, police investigate

Five police officers and yellow caution tape surround Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star — or what’s left of it.

The Los Angeles police say they are investigating the smashing of Trump’s star following footage that showed the sidewalk tribute was destroyed with a pickax.

Det. Meghan Aguilar says investigators were called to the scene before dawn Wednesday.

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By mid-morning, an LAPD spokesperson at the scene told FOX411 the Chamber of Commerce was sending out a crew in the hopes of getting the star repaired as soon as possible.

“Investigators are looking at [a] felony vandalism [charge] because of the value which the Chamber of Commerce has placed [on the star] at $2,500…” the spokesperson told us. “As soon as investigators can positively identify the suspect, which they are very sure they can do… they will go ahead and make a decision whether they want to arrest that suspect or seek a warrant.”

A worker from Top End Construction told FOX411 the vandalism of the GOP presidential nominee’s star is “probably the worst I have seen.” Workers were seen tending to the star as a crowd formed around the area.

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Again, these are not the actions of a team that thinks they are winning.

This is the behavior of frightened babies who think they’re going to lose.

Be sure to vote on November 8th!



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