“The View” Has Another Brilliant Plan To Impeach Trump (VIDEO)

Today is a day ending with “y” so the ladies of The View said something stupid about President Trump. They harbor fantasies about impeachment on a daily basis now. It’s an obsession for them.

Here’s a partial transcript from Real Clear Politics:

‘The View’ Joy Behar: House Needs To Impeach Trump, Ball Is In Their Court

On Tuesday, ‘The View’ panel debated President Trump’s tweet about Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Moderator Whoopi Goldberg said it’s hard to justify punishing those on the “left and right” for their sexual misconduct while “at the top” is the president. Co-host Joy Behar said the House needs to impeach Trump and that the ball is in their court.

“It’s a smoke and mirrors thing. Look over here, you won’t see what’s happening over there,” host Whoopi Goldberg said about the tweet.

“It’s hard to justify to people that we are letting folks go, left and right, and at the top sitting there is this,” Goldberg said, pausing.

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“Abomination,” Joy Behar chimed in…

“According to what I understand the House of Representatives has to impeach him. The Republican party has to impeach him. The ball is in your court,” Behar said to the GOP.

Watch the video:

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Joy Behar is a real expert on political issues, huh?


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