The White House Press Corps Is Reportedly Bored Now That A Democrat Is President

Think back to the days of the Trump presidency. Do you remember how outright hostile the White House Press Corps was to him and his representatives?

Every reporter thought it was their job to argue with the Trump White House.

Now, things are completely different. It seems like they all want to be friends with Jen Psaki.

Apparently, they find the job boring now.

Breitbart News reports:

White House Press Corps Finds Work a ‘Bore,’ Now That a Democrat is President

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The White House Press Corps finds its work a “bore” under President Joe Biden, despite the prospect of war with Russia, rising inflation, a contracting economy, chaos at the border, the Hunter Biden scandal, and a variety of newsworthy crises.

Politico reported Friday, ahead of the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner on Saturday, that the work of White House reporters has become less glamorous, with few interested in challenging the administration or holding it accountable.

This is from the Politico report:

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Some of those covering the most powerful office on the planet say that the storylines, while important, and substantive, can lack flair or be hard to get viewer attention. There is industry-wide acknowledgment that viewership is down. Television outlets have been quick to turn their attention to other stories and bolster other units. There is a sense that the main saga of American politics is taking place outside the confines of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and that the journalists covering it — Donald Trump and the future of democracy — may reap the career rewards…

The dulling down of the White House beat is not due to a lack of reportorial talent in the room. Nor has it meant that the work being done hasn’t been important: major stories are being broken regularly on everything from the Covid fight, to the war in Ukraine, to inflation, immigration and legislative battles over the social safety net. Rather, what is happening is the fulfillment of a central Biden promise. Running for office against Donald Trump — the most theatrical, attention-seeking, Beltway-panic-inducing president in living memory — he pledged to make Washington news boring again.

Given everything that’s happening in the world right now, the only reason these people are bored is because they don’t want to ask tough questions of a Democrat administration.



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