THEY SHOULD BE WORRIED: Democrats Fear Russia Obsession Could Backfire On Them

Democrats have spent every waking moment in the last nine months talking about Russia. They have completely ignored the real concerns of the American people which are national security, jobs and the economy.

Now that we’re only a year away from the campaign for the 2018 midterm election, they’re beginning to realize they have a problem. They still have no real message or plan for the American people.

Politico reports:

Democrats fear Russia probe blowback

Democrats are increasingly conflicted about how forcefully to press the issue of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Fearful of alienating voters who appear more concerned about the economy and health care, Democrats campaigning in districts across the country are de-emphasizing Russia in their rhetoric — and some are warning that a persistent focus on the Russia investigation could backfire.

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“In the races where I’m working, I think voters think that Russia is important and that the questions need to get answered,” Bill Burton, a veteran Democratic consultant, said at a political convention this past weekend. “But they’re mostly sick of hearing about it, and they want to hear politicians talk about things that are more directly important in their lives.”

In a state that is critical to the party’s efforts to retake the House, Darry Sragow, a Democratic strategist whose California Target Book handicaps races in California, called Russia a “distraction” and said Democrats “are going to be in deep, deep trouble if they don’t start talking about what voters care about.”

The Russia story was never anything more than a dumb excuse for why Hillary lost. Now Democrats are going to try to pretend they really care about the people after ignoring them. It’s not going to work.

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They have a serious problem on their hands but it was created by them and no one else.


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