THIS IS CNN: Don Lemon And Chris Cuomo Mock Tucker Carlson With Dumb Impressions (VIDEO)

Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo combined couldn’t reach half of Tucker Carlson’s ratings. But that didn’t stop them from recently acting like a couple of fifth graders mocking a classmate they didn’t like. The two of them entertained each other by doing impressions of Carlson on the air.

Mediaite reports:

WATCH: Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo Exchange Hilarious Impressions of Tucker Carlson

On Friday night, CNN’s Chris Cuomo lamented about the ugliness in political discourse and slammed Fox News’s primetime lineup.

“The media can be a feedback mechanism for what’s out there,” he said. “With Trump, it doesn’t create the energy, it harnesses it, turbo-charges it. That’s Fox.”

Without warning, a squinting Lemon — who while gifted with other talents likely does not have a shiny future in Fox News personality impersonations — tried his hand at Carlson’s “pissed puppy dog puss.”

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“What are you talking about Chris, you are unhinged!” Lemon said, borrowing one of Carlson’s favorite words. “Surely, you are smarter than that!…Don’t be dumb.”

“You’re trying to do the puppy dog puss!” Cuomo finally said, as Lemon broke out into a laugh.

Watch the video:

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How pathetic and sad.


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